Combination Kit 'Homestead' for 5

$ 309.77

$ 195.13

I stumbled upon an old idea while researching an antique soap box I picked up. The general premise is to stock up for a whole year on your household needs and save big! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, may I introduce: the Chase Street Soap Co. Combination Kit: a years worth of our products, in personalized amounts for your family and priced at a premium. These boxes are not sold in stores. This is what we call, Factory Direct. Step right up and see what a Combination Kit has in store for you.

The 'Homestead' is designed for a family of 5 people. Your box will contain:

16 wrapped bar soaps at 5 oz. each. Retail cost $6.99

*Premium price of $4.20 per bar.

8 unwrapped hand soaps at 2.5 oz. each. Combination Kit exclusive.

*Premium price of $3.25 per bar.

3- 3 lb. bags of Dr. Nat Churall's Laundry Soap. (64 loads per bag for regular machine) Regular price $24.99

*Premium price of $17.99 per bag

2- 8 oz. bottle of Dr. Nat Churall's Insect Elxir natural bug spray. Retail cost $19.99

*Premium price of $16.99 a bottle

2- 1 oz. push-up tube of Dr. Nat Churall's Bites and Scratches Cure-All. Retail cost $8.99

*Premium price of $6.99 a tube.

Choose from the menu if you would like our Basics scents of soap, Salty Dogs or a combination of both and we will send you a selection of our best sellers for the large bars and hand soaps.

Choose your scent of Laundry Soap next.

WHY BUY IN BULK? You ask...

Purchasing the Homestead Combination Kit not only saves you some precious green backs-over $110 when you factor in shipping fees- it also entitles you to added bonuses of exclusive and/or new items, coupons for free stuff and other added surprises that come with your supply.

We'll take care of the rest!

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Just the two of you? The 'You & I' is right up your alley

All CSSC products are:

Cruelty Free

Vegan (unless otherwise noted above)



General info about CSSC Soaps:

The base recipe for all of our soaps is: olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, water, sodium hydroxide. Any coloring is done only with natural mineral pigments, or honey. Some soaps contain exfoliants such as corn meal, oatmeal, ground loofah, botanicals, coffee grounds or sea salt.

All of our soaps are made with Certified Sustainable Palm Oil 

All of the soaps are made on shared equipment.

Each bar is hand cut at a minimum weight of 5 oz.

Respect your soap! Keep it out of direct water contact and allow it to dry between use for a long lasting bar. Stored in a cool, dry location, soaps have a shelf life of 14-18 months.

Other Product Info:

The laundry soap is a blend of borax, wahing soda and our unscented soap, finely ground. It comes in a biodegradable bag with wooden measuring scoop and complete directions.

The Insect Elixir is safe for all ages, pregnant or nursing mums and even the dog. 

The Cure-All is an all-age friendly beeswax base but does contain Rosemary Essential oil so we don't recommend it for pregnant ladies.

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