Room and Linen Sprays

$ 12.00

What better way to freshen the air in your home than the all natural way? We now offer several room and linen spray scent options for your home. Available in 4 oz. aluminum spray bottles.

Did you know Lavender is a great sleep aid? It also helps alleviate headaches. Give your bed linens a spritz of this and sleep happy! Pairs nicely with our lavender laundry soap too.

Sage is clarifying and helps remove toxins, bad odors and even bad ju-ju from your home so if you have a stinky dog, a weird uncle that eats too much garlic or the boogieman in your home, give the Sage spray a try.

Are you an outdoor adventurer trapped in a corporate lady boss body? Do you pine for a log cabin, flannel shirts and axes of your own (not to mention a diesel beard to complete the ensemble)? Well, if those dreams are fleeting, or your vacation time just doesn't cut the mustard, give our Fir Needle Room Spray a shot, close your eyes and imagine the birds sweetly singing outside of your perfect space.

These also make great additions to gift baskets for welcoming wedding guests or if you host your home to travelers. Contact us for quotes on your custom baskets at