• Hemlock Ridge Cinnamon, Vanilla & Clove bar soap

Hemlock Ridge Cinnamon, Vanilla & Clove bar soap

$ 7.00

New designs on old favorites, our Salty Dog soaps have been transformed into a fresh look, but fear not, the same scents and quality of soap you have come to love are (almost) the same. The difference is we have been phasing out the use of palm oil for environmental reasons and they do not have as much color as before. But they make bubbles and they smell oh so nice!

This bar is what once was "Buccaneer"

Why the change? Aside from being at this for over 10 years and feeling the need to be inspired again, my focus on making products with earth friendly, quality ingredients and minimal waste packaging has grown over these years as I educate myself on the impacts we all make on ourselves and the planet by our choices. I went plastic free in 2015, transitioned from the use of fragrance oils completely by 2017, and have been slimming down packaging for over 2 years as well.

All CSSC products are:

Cruelty Free

Vegan (unless otherwise noted above)

100% Natural-absolutely NO artificial fragrances used


General info about CSSC Soaps:

The base recipe for all of our soaps is: olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide. Any coloring is done only with natural mineral pigments, or honey. Some soaps contain exfoliants such as corn meal, oatmeal, ground loofah, botanicals, coffee grounds or sea salt.

All of the soaps are made on shared equipment.

Each bar is hand cut.

Respect your soap! Keep it out of direct water contact and allow it to dry between use for a long lasting bar.

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