Essential Oils

$ 9.00

While we do not make our own essential oils (we would need WAAAAAY more space for that type of operation) we do buy a ton of pure, top of the line, oils for our soap making. A few years back, customers began asking at our markets and shows if we would share the love by bottling our oils in smaller containers. Now available on line are our most popular sellers, in 1/2 oz dropper bottles. Essential oils are great for a whole slew of health benefits, mood lighteners, wound healing, clarifying, pain relief and more. Storing EO's in the fridge helps prolong their potency. Keeping the lid tight helps them not evaporate quickly.

If you read any of this-PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING, it's super important. No joke. Read this:

These are not intended for taking internally.

They are to be used with caution. Keep out of the reach of children, pets and adults who do not read warning labels.

Most are for diluted application only. This means mixing 1-2 drops of essential oil in a carrier oil. What is a carrier oil you ask? Just about any oil really, but our favorites are olive and coconut. Oils that are safe for direct skin application are noted in the drop down menu.

LEMON AND ORANGE are photosensitive. This means they will turn your skin yellow or orange if you apply it, then go out in the sun. You have been warned.

These are 100% pure plant extracts and if you have ANY conditions in which you take medications for, please consult your doctor before adding essential oils to your health routine.

Also, some oils are not suitable for children under 12, and/or pregnant/nursing women. These are noted too in the drop down menu- and again, talk to your doc.