• Dr. Nat Churall's Laundry Soaps

Dr. Nat Churall's Laundry Soaps

$ 15.00

My old fashioned blend of wash soda, borax and some all natural soap from my partner, Chase Street, blended up just like my grandma used to make. This stuff is perfect for doin' your dailies. Gets out stains, stink and it's tender on your delicates too. You only need two tablespoons per regular load and if you have one of those new fangled high efficiency things, well, this bag takes you the distance at a whopping 128 loads per 1.5 lb bag and, now brace yourself, 256 loads from a 3 lb bag. And yes, it comes with a measurin' scoop. Oh, and the bag, its biodegradable. I may be old fashioned, but I know the value of this here planet and I do my best to spread the good word about preserving it. Check out all of the scent blends, surely there is one to suit your fancy.


"They are THE BEST LAUNDRY DETERGENT EVER!!! Not only do they get clothes clean, but the detergent is delicious smelling. Our son made trips home to visit from college to use our Nat Churall's detergent!"

~Lisa B.

All CSSC products are:

Cruelty Free

Vegan (unless otherwise noted above)

100% Natural 


General info about CSSC products:

Dr. Nat Churall is a fictional character created by Chase Street Soap Co. Always consult your real doctor before using products made with essential oils if you are taking any medications.

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