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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Chase Street soap made of?

Sugar and spice and everythi..wait. No. Our soaps are made in the cold process method and are comprised of olive oil, coconut oil, water and sodium hydroxide (aka lye). As of holiday 2018, CSSC will no longer be using Palm Oil in our soaps. All the soaps, the Basics, Filthy Mutt, & Hemlock Ridge, start off with that base. From there we add mineral pigments for color, botanicals, exfoliates, and essential oils.

The oils are melted, mixed, and poured into custom molds and allowed to sit for 24 hours while they turn from raw oil into soap. The next day, they are cut and allowed to cure (harden & balance pH) for up to 4 weeks before being offered for sale.
What is the shelf life of your soaps?

A bar of soap will last 14-18 months stored under the proper conditions (cool and dry). We don't recommend storing them in tightly wrapped plastic, but a closed container with some air space is fine.


Do you ship internationally?

    Absolutely. Our bars of soap have had the privilege of traveling to many countries world wide since we started in 2008. Please do be aware of your countries customs and requirements on foreign items, as some products or ingredients are not allowed.

    Are Chase Street products safe for everyone?

      For the most part, yes. The soap is NOT tear free, but can be used for bathing at any age with proper care of course.
      Our Dr. Nat Churall's Insect Elixir is safe for all ages, along with pregnant and nursing women and the dog.

      The Dr. Nat Churall's Bites and Scratches Cure-All are not suitable for pregnant women due to the Rosemary Essential Oil used.

      Do not use any CSSC products on cats.

      We also recommend for anyone who takes medication, please consult your doctor before using any products containing essential oils.

      Where can I find Chase Street products?

        Check our our TRAVELING SOAP SHOW page here on the site for a location near you. Can't find one? Hassle your favorite store to carry our line! Ok, maybe politely suggest it. Our website is also available 24 hours a day for ordering whatever you may fancy.
        How can I stay up to date on Chase Street events and special offers?
          There are lots of ways to stay connected with Chase Street Soap Co;
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          Does Chase Street wholesale their products?

            We sure do! If you have a retail location you would like to carry CSSC products in, please contact us at Terms and conditions apply.

            Does the color of the soap effect clothing/towels, tiles or shower basins?

            If the soap is colored, the suds will turn that/those color(s) when using the soap. It will show up on towels and wash clothes as that color as well, but the colors are mineral based and completely water soluble so they will wash out in the bath water or in a regular laundry cycle. If you find the color has 'stained' your tiles and/or shower, well, to put it frankly, you need to scrub your shower. It's not staining the material itself, it's on the soap residue left behind, so, get the scrub brush.