Who's CSSC?

Chase Street began in early 2008 with a few goals in mind, keep things natural, keep it simple, keep it small and keep it true to our own self and interests. Oh, and to Get Dirty and Use Soap. Now folks, let's break that down:

Natural: From the very beginning, we self-taught, through trial and error, how to make a long lasting, nourishing and natural bar of soap. We have sought out the finest, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients and conscience packaging. We can sleep at night knowing we are making our earth a little healthier one bar at a time.

Simple: Yes, there are a gazillion different types of oils, scents, colors, botanicals and more that you can add to soap, and all have some benefits of course, but at CSSC, we like to keep it simple. Our soaps are all started with the same basic recipe of 5 ingredients and we add a little color here and a little essential oil there to make each scent unique. The results have been a sturdy bar that goes the distance, smells great and keeps you squeaky clean.

Small: We began in a kitchen with one unpaid employee (aka the owner and creator of all of the CSSC lines). Back then, we were cycling through one batch at a time, in makeshift soap molds, with hand cut labels printed on a tired old ink jet, swapping dollar for dollar back into the business. No loans. No investors. No credit. We kept it small intentionally, turning down opportunities with large retailers because we knew we weren't there yet. Over the years, yes, we have upgraded to proper equipment, better molds, a suitable and official workspace, but we have done it at our own pace, on our own terms, on our own time and on our own dollar. We are still very small, but growing each year thanks to our amazing customers and never losing sight of our quality standards that were key since day one.

True to ourself: Chase Street Soap Company is based on the owners personal interests and inspirations. A lover of the ocean, history books, sea monsters, the golden age of piracy, design, adventure, traveling snake oil salesmen, the dustbowl, old leather boots, covered wagons, trains, street art, mother nature and discovery of all kinds. Each product tells a little intimate story about the person behind the soaps. We don't just pump out good smelling soap, but plan each name, wrapper, color, scent and presentation as a tale to be told. We know we do not follow current trends, and are proud of it. We know we do not appeal to everyone, but we aren't here for mass marketing to a herd. We are here for the creative minds. The earth conscience. The explorers. The everyday pioneers. The workers. The fearless. The strong. The ones who go out there and, whatever in their path, get dirty. 

Visit our 'Traveling Soap Show' page to find a store near you that carries our line 

Contact us directly: Email us any time at soaplady@chasestreetsoapco.com or call us on the tele: (888) 338-0176

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