• Dr. Nat Churall's Bites & Scratches Cure All

Dr. Nat Churall's Bites & Scratches Cure All

$ 9.00

So you've done your darn best coverin' yourself in my insect elixir but today the biters were particularly aggressive and you found yourself with a few annoying itchy welts huh? Or perhaps, you were just doin' something foolish, pokin' at a bees nest, and went and got yourself stung. Serves you right. Either way, lucky for you, the good ol' doc here has you covered. Slather on this cure all and let the rosemary stop the itching while the lavender and tea tree heal the wound or site of the sting. Also works great on minor cuts and scrapes. Yep. Comes in a handy 1 oz. push-up tube, which is also biodegradable. 

*Not suitable for use by pregnant women due to the rosemary essential oil content.

About CSSC:

All CSSC products are cruelty free, made without harsh chemicals and nasty junk, biodegradable, are vegan unless otherwise noted above and come wrapped in a recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging. CSSC sources local ingredients as much as possible and scout out only the finest eco friendly and sustainable ingredients from responsible suppliers.  Essential oils are used as our primary scent blends however a few do contain a minimum of phthalate-free fragrance oils.  All products are produced on shared equipment. 

Dr. Nat Churall is a fictional character created by Chase Street Soap Co. Please consult your real doctor if you have any medical conditions or take medications that may react strongly to essential oils.

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