We all find ourselves saying it- 'They are putting (Easter/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas) stuff out already?! It comes earlier and earlier every year!' And if you work in retail, you know, it truly does. Now lets consider the schedule of a soap maker, running on a 4 week lead time just to have the soap cured fully to sell, not factoring in the aforementioned seasonal bustle of sell, sell, sell. 

So here it is, early September, and I am already taking orders for Christmas scents. Yep. I said it, Christmas. I am about a week away from making peppermint soap. And lately, its been hot. Apparently Mother Nature decided to save summer for Maine until now. It's pushing 90 today. It makes it hard to get in the spirit of a white Christmas and start knocking out Gingersnap Spice bars when toiling over a hot pot of oils is the last thing you'd care to be doing on a day like to today. Well, actually there are a lot of other things I would care less to do, but you know what I mean.